Are You A Wisconsin CWD Guinea Pig?

CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease) has been back in the news recently as results from an ongoing study conducted at the University of Alberta Canada discovered the disease was transferred to Macaques fed CWD tainted meat. This is especially concerning because Macaques share a similar genetic code with humans. Not cool. Prion diseases like CWD are […]

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Do Wisconsin Woodchucks Taste Like Chicken?

Woodchucks, groundhogs, whistle pigs, whatever you call them they may be table fare in Wisconsin soon. Known for their uncanny ability to burrow under and cause damage to home and barn foundations, many residents are pleased at the thought of being able to hunt them legally. MADISON, Wis. – The Legislature’s outdoors committees have approved …

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Wisconsin Wolves Gobbling Up Dogs, Deer And Tax Dollars

With Wisconsin’s wolf population growing nearly 25% over the last 2 years there is growing concern that banning the wolf hunting season as a means of managing the population was a big mistake. Hunters had helped eradicate wolves in Wisconsin by the 1970s before federal and state laws protected them as an endangered species. It …

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Farmland (Zone 2) Anterless Tags Available Now

If you bought your 2017 Wisconsin hunting license before today chances are the anterless zone tag selections were not yet available. Starting today hunters can log in at, click the Buy Permits & Licenses Button (even if you already purchased) and you will be prompted to select the county of choice for your antlerless tag …

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2017 Wisconsin Deer Hunting Seasons Set

The upcoming 2017 Wisconsin deer hunting season framework has been hashed out with more antlerless tags available state wide. Winter 2016 was relatively tame in most areas of the state. Deer kill due to deep snow was relatively low overall. In 2017, four deer management units within the Northern and Central Forest zones will allow …

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Bad News Hunters. Wisconsin Is Tied For 2nd Place.

2nd place isn’t a good thing when it comes to deadly tick borne diseases. Wisconsin is already on top of the charts for Lymes disease, not it looks like there’s another filthy virus on the move: Powassan virus, which is a far rarer and more deadly pathogen than the bacterium that produces Lyme, is also …

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Mary Poppins Spotted Hunting Wisconsin Gobblers

To most Wisconsin turkey hunters the spring season is a game of locating a gobbler, setting up a blind and working those box, slate and mouth calls to lure the long beard within gun or bow range. For a change of pace this year you might try and hunt them Mary Poppins style. Oftentimes a gobbler …

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